• Facilitating Growth and Change
  • Gathering Experience and Education
  • Strengthening Body and Soul

No one knows your goals better than you, that's why I work closely with you to identify and refine your objectives and give you the support you need to put them in place. Having benefited from working with some of the best coaches and consultants, I believe in and practice the co-active model because it's based on listening, support and action. The co-active model balances self-awareness, a keen agility with relationships, and courageous action. I strive to create environments where individuals, groups, and/or organizations find success in what matters most.

Some examples of my work for individuals include assisting with life changes, transitions, and/or challenges. Whatever path you may be on, whether you are considering a career change, returning to school, dealing with change in your home or work environment, or simply need to develop clarity in achieving goals, I am interested in hearing about your journey. If you're facing challenges in a business environment I can help with corporate and intercultural communication issues and employee engagement.

As Principal and Co-Owner of Alpha Distributors, Inc. (wholesale food service equipment distributors), I bring over 25 years of hands on successful business leadership and the experience of working with some of the best business coaches and consultants. At Alpha, I collaborated with and supported Alpha team members so they could freely perform at their best and achieve personal and business objectives. I planned and directed all business functions including financial, legal, administrative, operational, personnel, sales, and marketing.

I currently hold a Graduate Level Certificate in Educating Adults and am working towards my MAEA (with a designated focus in Community Engaged Learning and Bicultural and Bilingual Education) and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Communications, both from The School for New Learning at DePaul University. I also attended the University of Illinois at Chicago where I studied economics, mathematics, sociology, psychology, political science and humanities. I feel it's very important to continue learning and remain open to new ideas so I regularly attends classes, workshops, and seminars.

I am a classically trained Joseph Pilates instructor, certified by Romana's Pilates (level 5). I find this principled practice supports personal growth, builds physical strength, and promotes calmness. Before I found this specific type of pilates practice, I searched for sometime to find an accessible exercise that would strengthen and improve my body. My love for pilates motivated me to train in this pure form of pilates. I am building a practice to share one on one with others what I have learned in hopes they can experience the benefits as I did. Find out more about my private pilates practice at PilatesPractice.com.

I appreciate the arts and love to paint. When I describe my work, I like to say I paint energy. My work is a personal typography or internal landscape. The pieces are playful explorations and experiments. Materials include acrylic, ink, encaustic, charcoal, oil pastel, fabric, paper, and glassine. Whether an individual piece, diptych or triptych, I respond kinesthetically. Frequently I explore ghosts of images to reveal more subtle energy. There is no intention or designed outcome, rather my work is a process of discovering and finding. What is hidden emerges. See some of my work at SheilaLynchGallery.com.

Sheila Lynch

sheilalynch@me.com | 312-953-8277